Would you like to try an online lesson?

I am currently available for private lessons, I can accommodate them via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Messenger or What's App. Please email me at  [email protected]  for details and fees

Group Lessons

Absolute Beginners Group Lessons

To register, or for more information and payment options 

CLICK ON THIS LINK  mailto:[email protected]

Lessons are held at McMillan Arts Centre,  133, McMillan Street,Parksville

If you have ever thought about playing the ukulele but have never even held one; or have been strumming for a while but would like to learn how to pick a tune, or would like to go back to basics so you can improve your playing, this six week course will guide you through those skills.

The cost is $150

If you don’t have your own ukulele, email me and I can advise you on how and where to purchase a good entry-level ukulele.

The next Group:

Starts Wednesday January 25th 2023 4.00pm - 5.00pm at the McMillan Arts Centre, Parksville, BC

Refund & Cancellation Policy - No refunds will generally be given if you cancel your lesson less than seven days prior to the first date in the Group Lessons session


If you are an Absolute Beginner, don't know how to start, what to buy etc. and are not comfortable with being in a Group setting, I can offer you an initial consultation and short lesson online only. The fee is $30 for one half hour session.

Comfortable Beginners

If you've been strumming for a while, but are ready to move on, I can offer you a one hour lesson to help you move on from where you may be stuck. The "one-off" lesson is tailored to your needs and you will leave with a list of suggestions and possibilities of how to improve your ukulele experience. The fee is $60 for a one hour lesson 

Intermediate and Advanced Players

If you sometimes you get "stuck" in your playing and are not quite sure how to move on, I can offer a one hour private lesson, tailored to your needs. You will leave with new ideas of where to travel next on your ukulele journey. The fee is $60 for a one hour "one-off" lesson 

Private Lessons

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