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Ukulele Orchestra

Starting in September 2019

The orchestra will meet to play together every 4 to 6 weeks in Parksville; I will email out music sheets in both Treble Clef music notation, TABS (for those who don’t read music) and an mp3 recording of each part of the music prior to each session, so you can practice and become familiar with each part.

The Dates and Times are:
Friday September 20th - 10.30am to noon (Timing workshop)
Friday October 18th - 10.30am to noon (Orchestra)
Friday November 22nd - 10.30am to noon (Orchestra)
Friday January 10th - 10.30am to noon (Orchestra)

Venue - Shelly Road Centre, 186 Shelly Road, Parksville.

Being able to read, understand and play correct timing of notes is an essential part of ensemble playing. A pre-requisite of being part of the orchestra is being familiar with quarter, half, eighth, dotted and tied notes. I will be giving a workshop on this theme called “Timing is Everything” prior to starting the Orchestra, which will explain all of the timing the orchestra will be using in the music we will be playing.

If you aren’t familiar with timing, you will need to attend this workshop to be part of the orchestra. I will be arranging music in several parts and skill levels for each piece the orchestra will be playing. If you feel you aren’t confident enough to pick a tune at the moment, there will be strumming parts in each piece so you can dip your toes into the orchestra experience without feeling too intimidated. You would still have to attend the “Timing” workshop so you can strum in the right place😊

I will start off with four sessions, the first of these would be the “Timing is Everything” workshop and then three full orchestra sessions. The cost is $120 for the four sessions and should be paid in full before the first session.
If you are unable to attend one of the sessions, there is no refund or reduction in the fee, but you will get the sheet music etc. for that session to enable you to prepare for the next session.

 If you can read music and already know and can play timing; confidently play the C scale and know where the notes are on the neck of the ukulele,  you wouldn’t have to attend the “Timing” workshop and the fee would be reduced to $90. 

To register, click the link to my email below

[email protected]